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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #15

She’s really taking shape now! With just two months to go before launch, we’re all eagerly anticipating her completion. The onboard electric systems are being installed while the carpentry department finalises the saloon cabinetry and the deck gear begins to be fitted.

The aft cabin cabinetry is now being unpacked and installed. The bedside tables are stacked in the bed until the cabling is completed in their final locations.

In the saloon, the Victron inverter charger, shore power supply systems and DC circuit breaker box are installed in proximity of the navigation station. The power systems boards and Victron Quattro plant will then be enclosed in accessible cabinetry.

The AC electric circuit breaker box is installed in the engine room above the generator, again  providing easy access.

Up on deck, the polished stainless steel pushpit, incorporating the G&T seats, are dry fitted to the aft deck before final installation.

At the bow, the anchor plate and heavy-duty twin bow anchor rollers are also dry fitted.

The installation of the deck hardware has also now begun. Here we can see the first Lewmar winch being placed and checked prior to final fit.

The Spinlock clutch cleats, for the running lines and halyards, are installed at the point the lines run into the sub-deck rope gullies.

The heavy stainless steel cheeks of the rudder pintal shoe are bolted directly onto a massive steel beam in the core of the skeg. We can justifiably claim that a Kraken Yacht has the strongest skeg rudder system ever built.

Note the hand-laminated companionway steps which are shaped to allow the crew to traverse to and from the cockpit safely at all angles of heel.

Each step is built from 50 layers of timber which provides maximum strength. Lower handholds are located downside of the steps for the convenience of younger crew.  The step sides will be radiused next, ready for final fit after varnishing.

The saloon cabinetry is assembled and prepared for final installation.

This beautifully crafted saloon bench stool demonstrates the quality and standards of our accomplished Turkish carpentry team.

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