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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #14

We very sadly lost our colleague Ahmed Keskin, one of the founding partners of Su Marine, Kraken’s joint venture partner, to Covid. He will be greatly missed by his family and all at Su Marine and Kraken Yachts.

The pandemic has also seen up to 50% of our work force affected at any one time, therefore production has slowed down a bit over the last 3 months.

Despite these very hard times we all find ourselves in, the K50 v 2 is really taking shape now…

The team is building a mould which will be used to bend the plexiglass for the deck windshield.

The moulded saloon glass is brought to the boat for a dry fitting. The mullions are ground to ensure a tight fit and will be gel coated before final installation.

The plywood base flooring is laid in the galley with bilge access hatches pre-cut. A 5mm solid oak planked floor will be fitted next.

The galley cabinetry is prepared and installed. All surfaces are covered to protect them until the yacht is finished.

This cabinetry will house the Vitrifrigo double drawer fridge unit. The large Vitrifrigo draw freezer will be located on the inboard side.

This shows the first entry point for the sub-deck rope channels. The turn blocks and bullseye fairleads are milled and fabricated in our workshops to achieve perfect alignment and maximum strength.

The rope channels run the length of the saloon behind the cabinetry and each custom fairlead has a minimum safety factor of 4x working load.

Two bespoke deck turning blocks sets direct the lines into the rope channels from the mast.

Kraken’s unique stanchion bases are designed to eliminate bulwark and deck damage in the event of collision. This is the 2 piece stanchion base, a third piece, the deck plate, is bolted through the bulwark and this base is bolted to that.

The heavy-duty stainless steel bow plate is now being fitted. It’s designed to protect the deck from damage from contact with the chain between the windlass.

The Kraken combined fairlead and cleat’s will be fitted into the bulwark after polishing.

This massive 22mm bottle screw provides the tie rod connection between the bow chain plate and the structural jib stay. It illustrates Kraken’s commitment to building our yachts to the strength and integrity required to sail the world’s oceans in safety.

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