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From Rich, Ocean Sailor reader from the United Kingdom

Location: Fowey, Cornwall, UK

Coordinates: 18º43.467’N 064º23.48’W  50°20.24’N 4°37.84’W

Seabed: Good holding in sand

Protection: Very well protected from all directions

Although not an anchorage specifically, Fowey is an excellent bolthole on the southern Cornish coastline. This beautiful village lays at the foot of a deep estuary, well protected from the howling winds and fierce seas this part of the country experiences regularly. The natural harbour gained fame and developed into a popular trading post for the region.

Visiting sailors are welcome to stay on a collection of visitor swing moorings or a series of visitor docks. From these, it is a quick dinghy or water taxi ride to shore. All of the usual facilities are available from fuel and water to showers and toilets. Contact the Fowey harbour masters office for information.

Having grown up in the area, it was always a joy to visit Fowey, wandering the small streets which are always busy in the summer with holiday makers. There is always delicious seafood on the menu of local restaurants and pubs from the classic cornish fish and chips to mouth-watering mackerel and lobster. The estuary also receives a fair amount of commercial traffic as ships take on china clay from a dock beyond the town, one of Cornwall’s oldest exports. The village’s charm has attracted celebrities to move in from Daphne du Maurier to Dawn French and inspired authors including Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, Leo Walmsley and Kenneth Grahame.

For the divers reading, there is an excellent wreck beyond the entrance to the estuary. The Kantoeng was the world’s largest bucket tin dredger which unfortunately met her end and capsized in 1937 due to a leak. She was headed for the Dutch East Indies when she started taking on water. Once capsized, she drifted towards Fowey and her superstructure was ripped off, now laying on the sea bed in about 15m of water. A vast amount of sea life lives within the wreck, creating a wonderful diving opportunity.

The Blue Lagoon

From Trystan Grace, Kraken Yachts Creative Director from the United Kingdom

Location: The Blue Lagoon, Syvota, Greece

Coordinates: 39°24.38’N 20°13.31’E

Seabed: Good holding in sand

Protection: Well protected anchorage except from the North

Description – We stumbled upon this beautiful anchorage whilst temporarily based in Corfu on ‘White Dragon’. Deciding to leave the hustle and bustle of Corfu old town, we sailed the 18nm southeast and anchored in the channel between two islands next to the village of Syvota. During the day, especially at weekends, it can get a bit busy. However, during the evenings when the day boats depart, we were left with a quiet anchorage with only a handful of yachts.

The holding was good and it was well protected, being nestled between the two islands. We were exposed to the north however, there are various options to guarantee protection from any wind direction.

One of the big positives here was snorkelling and swimming. The beautifully clear water invites you in and we explored the whole area. This was certainly one of my favourite spots sailing the Ionian.


From Sally, Ocean Sailor reader from the United States

Location: Maupihaa, Society Islands, French Polynesia

Coordinates: 16°46.97’S 153°57.18’W

Seabed: Good holding in sand

Protection: Atoll with protection from all sides

French Polynesia is near the top of most cruisers’ bucket lists and when you see beautiful atolls like Maupihaa, it’s easy to understand why. Maupihaa is found in the Leeward group of the Society Islands, about 40 nautical miles away from its nearest neighbour Manuae. The atoll is about 5 miles in length and its lagoon is protected on three sides by reef, with a narrow island protecting its eastern side. The max depth in the lagoon itself is 40m and is accessed by a narrow channel on the northwestern end. Caution must be taken when entering the lagoon and it is advised to enter during high water as you might encounter currents. It is generally recommended to anchor in the NE or SE of the lagoon depending on the wind direction.

Upon anchoring, you are greeted by a beautiful lagoon teeming with life. Lobsters and oysters are plentiful and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters around the reef is a must. Maupihaa has a population of less than 20 French-speaking inhabitants who are very friendly. Being so remote, they are welcoming to visiting yachts and appreciate gifts. The Raioho family – Adrienne and Marcello are extremely friendly and their daughters do speak good English. Maupihaa is a wonderful place to visit but very remote, far-flung from the built-up and busy Tahiti.

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