As you may know, three of the Vendee Globe yachts have already had to retire from the race after hitting UFO’s (unidentified floating objects).

It’s no surprise: There is much debris, flotsam and jetsam floating around the oceans.

Forgive me for reiterating the danger posed to yachts with vulnerable steering systems, light lay-up hulls and bolt-on keels, but every time I endeavour to move on, news reaches me of yet another yacht crippled or sunk due to a collision with a UFO. 

Lost and floating containers are the perhaps the most dangerous type of UFO and, as you can see in the photo, they pose a serious threat to yachts, so I’ve asked I’ve asked Dick Durham to investigate just how grave this issue is. 

Don’t miss his startling report in next month’s Ocean Sailor. 

At last, there is some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, so dust off your oilies, chase the mice out of your sail bags and get ready to go sailing again in the not too distant future. Good luck.

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