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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #18

After the setback caused by the Turkish Covid lockdown, she is launching as we go to press with this month’s Ocean Sailor! Here we run through the very exciting final finishing touches and preparations just before she launches.

Some of the wraps and protections are still in place but we are nearly there and she’s incredible, as you’ll be able to see for yourself below, or watch the new YouTube walkthrough video now!

The Flexiteek synthetic teak has been measured then precut to pattern and the final fitting is almost complete. This owner has chosen side decks and cockpit sole only.

The metal shop team attaches the pushpit sections and Kraken custom davits. Here you can see the finished decking and pushpit quarter. The teak ‘gin & tonic’ seats on each quarter are the favourite spot to take in a great sail.

This version of Kraken davits includes electric winches which are mounted in the lazarette with spectra hoist lines that run up inside the curved tubes of the davit arms. A removable central crossbar provides extra strength and structural integrity to eliminate movement when on passage, but this can be quickly removed to accommodate a passerelle for boarding when moored stern-to in the Mediterranean.

The bimini frame has now been mounted in the cockpit. The Ferrari Stamoid cover and vertical screens have been made and will be fitted after the launch and mast step. The custom made helm pedestal is also mounted in place, ready for the navigation electronics to be installed. The deck gear is uncovered now as the yacht prepares to leave the yard.

Temporary ‘mousing’ lines have been run throughout the underdeck rope channels in preparation for the rigger to run the halyards and control lines through to the mast base. The mouse lines are shown here running down into halyard and sheet storage bins to keep the lines tidy and from spilling around the cockpit and the crew’s feet.

The metal work team have been hard at work on the stainless steel fittings and now the heavy duty bow dual roller, windlass, custom mast collar and stanchions are installed. The team has prepared the through deck track bolts ready to take the jib sheet tracks.

This photo shows the unique bulb-shaped and integral ZERO Keel™. that sets every Kraken apart from all other yachts. The anodes are fitted and in place.

The heavy gauge prop shaft has been connected to the gearbox and engine and is installed through the custom prop shaft V bracket. This owner has specified a Bruntons Autoprop which is a great addition to the yacht as it’s self pitching engineering maximises speed through the water whilst reducing engine revs and fuel consumption. It also auto feathers when under sail.

The rudder is hung onto the massive protective rudder skeg.

Note: This Alpha Rudder™ system has three rudder bearings, one at the bottom of the skeg, another, the main bearing, where the rudder shaft passes through the hull, and a third in the stern lazarette. Kraken’s are the only yachts in the world where the main rudder bearing can be serviced and changed at sea!

The U shaped seating area in the saloon is now taking shape and is almost finished awaiting the upholstery and adjustable table. The saloon aircon system is installed in the saloon seating compartment.

As the protective covers are removed in the galley the cabinetry and one-piece HI-MACS Corian counters with fiddle rail are really highlighted. The cooker and fridges are the last pieces of equipment to be installed here.

The generously sized stainless steel sink is in. It has an interior draining basket so that cleaned utensils, pans and crockery can drain dry. 

Note: The organic waste and general waste bins either side of the sink. Their removable Hi Mac covers will be fitted next. When the sliding and removable chopping board is fitted over the sink this will complete the easiest working galley ever designed for a sailing yacht.

The true size of the full-size double-bedded master cabin can now be realised. The flip-up leeboards will be fitted to the baseboard that the mattress sits on for maximum comfort on passage.

The forward heads have HI-MACS counters and contrasting grey non-slip Corian floors. The deep wash basin will allow the crew to use the sinks at sea without the water spilling out of the sink.

From this drone photo, shot from inside the boat shed, you can now start to see her beautiful lines, but the best is yet to come when she fully emerges from her scaffold cocoon in the next few days.

In her light grey and black livery, she’s looking fantastic.

On the way to launch and the sea.

Next month launch, mast step and sea trials under sail. Can’t wait!

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