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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #09

Another busy month, with multiple areas of focus throughout the Kraken 50 project. Work to build the deck mould moves into it’s final stages, whilst lamination continues on the hull, in the mould. We are also proud to show the ZERO Keel’s method of construction in detail.

Deck Mould: The locations of the deck hatches, equipment lockers and the fuel locker are marked out and plants are built onto the plug.

Deck Mould Continues: As the standard boat comes with a non-skid deck, this texture needs to be built into the deck mould. These panels are planned, cut and placed throughout the deck.

Hull Mould: After the initial layers of laminate, the foam core is cut, placed and further lamination continues.

Hull Mould Continued: Lamination of the hull is complete and the mould is prepared for the lamination of the internal structural elements which provides a Kraken with ultimate structural integrity.

Zero Keel: Meticulous design was undertaken to help us achieve a fully integral keel with the lead ballast bulb inside. The ZERO Keel mould splits in two to allow us to insert the lead ballast into the pre laminated bulb. Tracks are laid to assist pushing the lead ballast into position.

Zero Keel Continued: The team pushes the 6,500kg lead ballast into position inside of the split ZERO Keel.

Zero Keel Continued: Strops are attached to allow the removal of the tracks. The lead is then carefully moved into position whilst the other side of the keel is moved into place.

Zero Keel Continued: Bolts and clamps are used to ensure a perfect fit, allowing the lamination team to start working on the deep transverse frames which bond the whole hull and keel into one piece.

The large stainless steel skeleton of the rudder skeg is laminated with foam core and inserted into a similar split rudder. The pre-laminated sections are bolted together. This huge skeg section provides the ultimate strength and protection for the rudder.

The aft cabin cabinetry and bed are built and finished with high grade veneers and solid timber. The headboard and bulkhead is now ready to be finished with vinyl and high quality laminate. Ongoing cabinetry work by the carpentry team during lamination allows a more efficient build. The team will move forward to the galley next.

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