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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #11

This month we start lamination on the newly built deck mould and continue to work on the interior of the hull. As systems are being prepared for installation, the prop shaft is installed and holes are cut to install the Kraken V Bracket.

The V bracket is placed and heavily bolted through the hull until finally being laminated into place. We install a V bracket instead of a standard P bracket to provide the maximum, support, strength and protection for the propellor and shaft.

The bilge area is painted and the timber floor structure is cut and placed into position.

The base layers of flooring are laid on top of the floor structure.

The K50 carries 900L of fuel within its three fuel tanks, which comprise the basis of the total fuel polishing system and 670L of water. The tanks can be seen located under the saloon cabin sole.

The gelcoat process begins on the deck mould. Teams work quickly and efficiently to ensure a constant supply of gelcoat reaches the technicians who are spraying.

Multiple coats of gelcoat are applied, a grey for the bulwark area and white for the rest. The team then prepares to start lamination.

The first layers of lamination are now complete, the scaffolding is moved and foam core is prepared to be laid.

Sections of foam core are cut and laid into position. A technique called ‘vacuum bagging’ is used to laminate the foam core sections to ensure good adhesion between the foam and the outside skin. This eliminates air pockets. Once this process has been completed, new GRP layers are laminated over the entire deck.

The carpentry team has made good progress on the carcass of the galley area. Here you can see the port side with the cutout ready for the electric oven. Once the counter frames are installed into the yacht, the finished Hi-Macs countertops, high quality real wood veneers and vinyl panels will then be installed. It’s all taking shape nicely.

Here we see the starboard side of the galley showing cutouts for the sink and the two waste bins, biodegradable waste that can go overboard and general waste that can be subdivided later in port. The Vitrifrego stainless steel draw style fridges are ready to be installed.

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