Dick Durham, Editor of Ocean Sailor, has just published his second novel, Dead Reckoning, on Amazon books. Inspired by a real-life Man Overboard story he covered for the yachting press, Dick’s novel explores the darker side such an incident could offer. 

A yachtsman, Duff Bundock, tries to rebuild his fractured marriage with a voyage aboard his classic gaffer. When his wife, Connie, is thrown overboard as the boat loses control, but was the accident really an accident? 

The novel explores faith, sexuality, marriage, and infidelity, discovering vice in the first three and virtue in the last.

Dick ‘s first novel, A Tide for Drowning, about a nautical serial killer, is also available on Amazon and is set in London and the Thames Estuary of his own sailing youth. 

Dick has also written several non-fiction books on sailing including:

The Last Sailorman, (Terence Dalton 1989) a biography of Bob Roberts the last man to trade under sail alone; Peyton, the world’s greatest yachting cartoonist, (Adlard Coles Nautical, 2009) a biography of Mike Peyton; The Magician of the Swatchways, (IPC 1994)  a biography of Maurice Griffiths, the yacht designer; On & Offshore, cruising the Thames and the East Coast (Ashford Press Publishing 1989) a cruising guide to the East Coast of England; Amazing Sailing Stories, (Wiley Nautical 2011) an anthology of salty yarns.

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