Kraken yachts have been feted by the international yachting press yet again: this time a K50 on the front cover of Yachting Monthly’s current issue and in the same month a Kraken 66 adorns the cover of Sailing Today

Kraken Yachts’ chairman, Dick Beaumont, said: ‘We’re already running out of wall space for the posters in our new company offices in Turkey, Krakens have now taken front cover honours on 10 of the world’s top magazines in the last 12 months !’ Dick said he was amazed and very grateful for the tremendous support and encouragement Kraken Yachts has enjoyed from the yachting media since its launch just 4 years ago. ‘When you buck the trend, you can’t help wondering if you’re alone in the beliefs you hold.’ That’s clearly not the case and the order books speak for themselves, as production for this year is almost sold out, with the earliest delivery for a Kraken 50 now June 2021. 

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