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Dropping Anchor February

Readers’ favourite Anchorages of the World. Showcasing your favourite anchorages.

Avea Bay

From Peter, Ocean Sailor reader from the UK

Location: Avea Bay, Huahine, French Polynesia

Coordinates: 16°48.69’S 150°59.5’W

Seabed: Good holding in sand

Protection: Well protected except for winds from the SW

We stumbled across this wonderful anchorage after a tip from some other cruisers. They spoke of excellent local food in a sheltered bay, so we headed off towards Huahine Island which is part of the Society Islands in French Polynesia. As we approached, we saw the silhouette of Mount Turi rising out of the ocean in front of us.

The bay itself is approached via a natural channel between the island and the surrounding reef which is accessed from a channel in the reef itself on the west side of the island. Take care when motoring to the bay. There are some mooring buoys in the bay but we did not trust them and decided to anchor.

The water is glorious. Warm, clear and teeming with sea life like turtles and reef fish. Ashore, you can get some great local Polynesian food from Chez Tara, especially on Sunday.

The island has a lot to explore overall from the village with local art and crafts to hiking. A bike is a good way to explore the island.

Simon’s Town

From Trystan, Kraken Yacht’s Creative Director

Location: Simon’s Town, Cape Town, South Africa

Coordinates: 34°11.37’S 18°25.83’E

Seabed: Good holding in rock and sand

Protection: Well protected apart from northerly winds

Simon’s Town is a beautiful fishing village, popular with tourists on the west side of False Bay in the western cape. There is a South African naval base here so anchoring and mooring are strictly prohibited to a certain area which is managed by the False Bay Yacht Club. Mooring buoys are available or you can anchor. The anchorage is well protected and one of the few safe havens around the Cape of Good Hope.

The yacht club has a great atmosphere and decent food but there is also no shortage of food options throughout Simon’s Town. Just out of town to the south there is also a great restaurant called The Black Marlin.

The whole cape is a great place to explore. To the south of Simon’s Town is Boulders Beach which has a colony of African penguins living there. Further south is Cape Point and the infamous Cape of Storms which has claimed so many ships. On the west coast, north along the picturesque Chapmans Peak Drive, is Hout Bay. From here go north up the beautiful coastline to central Cape Town.

Further around False Bay, you come to Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay which are also popular amongst tourists and locals. Gordon’s Bay has a lovely 5km beach called The Strand. North of Somerset West you will come to the famous Stellenbosch wine region, which produces some of the worlds best wines.


From Massimo, Ocean Sailor reader from Italy

Location: Fetovaia, Elba, Italy

Coordinates: 42°43.83’N 10°09.44’E

Seabed: Good holding in sand 

Protection: Well protected from all directions except SE

I noticed you had not touched much on Italy in Ocean Sailor, so here is one of my favourite anchorages, especially out of the main season where it might be crowded. It is located on the island of Elba in the north of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago and only about 30 miles from Corsica which makes it a good stop over.

The anchorage itself is in Fetovaia, one of the most popular and beautiful parts of the island. It is well protected, even during the mistral winds. I prefer to come here at the end of September when it is quieter but the sea is still very warm. Even in the busy season, the evenings are fairly quiet after the day boats leave so it is a good overnight anchorage.

There is a good beach bar with nice food but overall the facilities around the beach are limited. You can also only dinghy to shore between 8 pm and 8 am when the beach is closed for swimming. And to mention the swimming, there is no greater joy than jumping off the transom into the warm turquoise waters. Definitely worth a visit if you are sailing past.

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