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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #22

A Retrospective

As the first Kraken 50 to be built in Turkey is launched, here is a retrospective recap of her build which has been covered each month in Ocean Sailor Magazine.


The first task was to build a new mould for the Turkish shipyard. Here is the wooden plug which is used to build the mould.


The plug is now painted and ready for the mould build process to begin.


Gelcoat was sprayed, followed by multiple layers of fibreglass. Metal structural bars were added before laminating again to provide rigidity and strength.


Finally the finished mould, ready to begin waxing and lamination. The mould is split into two halves to easily release the hull once finished.


The two halves were bolted together, scaffolding built and the team started the process of laying up the hull.


First, the gelcoat was sprayed. This is a delicate process as temperature and humidity need to be within acceptable limits.


Once the gelcoat was finished the lamination began.


The large moulded lead ballast was carefully positioned inside the Zero Keel prior to the second half of the keel mould being bolted on.


Half of the team worked on the hull whilst the other half built the deck mould.


Once finished the deck mould was removed from the plug and turned over.


After the initial layers of laminate, the foam core was cut, placed and further lamination continued.


Structural longitudinal and transverse foam frames were cut, placed and laminated, providing ultimate structural integrity. These reach deep into the Zero Keel™.


Structural foam is also laid on the deck.


Eventually, the hull was ready and removed from the mould.


The deck was also finished, removed from the deck mould and bonded to the hull.


The carpentry team built the interior cabinetry, mocking up the various cabins in the workshop exactly how they will be installed inside the yacht.


Once varnished, the cabinetry was moved to the boat, installed and protective wrapping applied.


The various systems, electrical wiring and plumbing were carefully laid and labelled. It is important that even hidden elements of the yacht build are still tidy and easily accessed.


The internal cabinetry for the saloon was placed, including the large U shaped seating area.


The master cabin double berth, side tables and wardrobes were also installed.


On deck, the team from Flexiteek arrived to install the new deck. Flexiteek is a great option that provides the aesthetics of real teak whilst being much kinder to the environment. Flexiteek is also cooler to touch and easier to clean.


The deck is now finished and the boat is almost ready to leave the yard.


The interior is almost complete. Wallcoverings are one of the last elements to be installed.


The scaffolding was finally removed and the yacht prepared to be lifted onto a transport.


In the early hours of the morning, the yacht was driven to the launch point.


Removed from the yacht transport, the Kraken 50 is brought to the water via the travel lift.


The mast is lowered towards the deck and the electrical wiring is dropped through the deck collar prior to the mast being lowered into position. All Kraken yachts are keel stepped which provides strength to the rig and is safer than a deck stepped mast.


Sofia Marie was built during the very worst of the Covid Pandemic and yet she came in just two months behind the original pre-Covid schedule. It has been a major achievement and underwrites the dedication and commitment of the Kraken/Su Marine teams.

Well done to everyone involved!

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