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Birth Of A 50ft Blue Water Yacht #20

An interior walk through of The Kraken 50 Sofia Marie

This month we can illustrate the elegance of our brand new interior design concept. Donna Maree, our new interior designer, has worked tirelessly with the Kraken team to deliver an interior that provides timeless styling combined with the essential functionality a true blue water yacht needs. The fine craftsmanship of our Turkish carpentry team combined with the hand-selected hardwood solid timbers used throughout the yacht stands unrivalled with any yacht in production today.



The Kraken 50 saloon is designed to strike the perfect balance between volume, comfort, storage and safety. The large wrap-around windows of the saloon allow maximum visibility and natural light throughout. The settee table can be dropped to create a large double berth.

There are two large hatches in the saloon cabin deckhead which provide light and essential ventilation. The port side hatch is aligned to enable the navigator to see the foresail, mainsail and mast while seated at the navigation station.

At the raised navigation station, crews can carry out watches in the comfort and warmth of the saloon while having easy and quick access to the cockpit and sail controls. This position provides panoramic views through the wrap-around saloon windows in a 300-degree arc around the vessel. It also allows an excellent uninterrupted view forward since the eye height of the navigator is only 10-12inches (25-30cm) above the deck, so the watch will have a clear view forward underneath the foresails. It’s the perfect place to carry out a watch in cold and inclement weather.

There is a heated hanging locker near the companionway for wet deck gear and lifejackets so they can be removed and hung to dry, rather than trailing water across the floors and into the cabins and onto bed linen. Life jackets are then to hand for all crew whenever needed.


Master Cabin

The master cabin is a beautiful combination of elegant modern design and pure practicality for ocean voyaging and living onboard. There are four large portlights, two large opening deck hatches, and a forward opening portlight to provide light and ventilation. Carefully selected upholstery compliments the client’s choice of cherry timbers and veneers.

Large hanging wardrobes on each side of the cabin provide huge storage and locker space that is so necessary for a true voyaging yacht. There is additional stowage in the drawers at the foot of the berth, side tables and a large locker under the starboard portlight.

The berth base can also be lifted to reveal even more storage bins behind the drawers.

Low-level lighting adds aesthetic appeal throughout the yacht and allows crews to move safely throughout the yacht at night without turning on main lighting and disturbing sleeping crew.

This close-up shot of the top of a side table with the carefully built fiddle rail and fabric insert illustrates the skills of our Turkish craftsmen.


Master Head

The heads on the Kraken 50 are well sized and include HI-MACS sinks and vanity tops with integrated fiddle rail.
Below the cabin sole, large volume black and grey water tanks extend time in port whilst conforming to expected changes in port regulations worldwide.

Comfortably sized walk-in showers make living aboard a pleasure. The drench ‘rain’ showers installed on the K50 are a feature rarely found on other yachts.



A blue water yacht’s galley must be practical and comfortable to cook in and easy to clean. In the K50 galley, the crew can wedge themselves securely when the vessel is heeled, leaving both hands free to prepare food and work. There is high volume storage space in the galley cupboards and drawers and even in the bilge space below the cabin sole. Note the electric gimballed cooker and hob, which is standard. There are no high-risk gas appliances on a Kraken yacht.

Two large Vitro Frigo stainless steel pull out drawer fridges are found on the inboard side of the galley. A deep drawer freezer is located on the outboard side.

There is a large stainless steel sink and two waste bins, plus an organic waste bin which includes a removable box that can be taken on deck to throw overboard when in waters that allow. In the photograph, you will also notice the built-in mug holder. The larger general waste bin has a flip lid so it can be changed easily.


Engine Room

The large walk-in engine and equipment room is a unique feature of every Kraken yacht. Access to all the main onboard equipment for service and repair should be of vital importance to all blue water voyaging sailors, we are sure no comparison can be found in any yacht of this size. The engine room also includes an automatic fire suppression system (with manual override) and a high volume bilge pump (14,000 l/h) for emergency
flooding control.

The K50 fuel polishing and transfer system is mounted on the wall adjacent to the door so filters can be checked and changed with ease. The Yanmar engine is a dream for crew or contractors to work on for servicing or repair. All elements of the engine can be accessed. Above the engine is the 180 Lt/h water maker which again is easily accessible.

Forward Berths

Sofia Marie has a 5 berth layout. All cabins and berths are a really good size and exquisitely furnished.

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  • Length Overall 44 ft
  • Beam Overall 12.54 ft
  • Draft 6.58 ft
  • Sail Area 1099.5 sq.ft
  • Length Overall 50 ft
  • Beam Overall 14.76 ft
  • Draft 7.54 ft
  • Sail Area 1444.52 sq.ft
  • Length Overall 58 ft
  • Beam Overall 17.06 ft
  • Draft 7.54 ft
  • Sail Area 1946.54 sq.ft
  • Length Overall 66 ft
  • Beam Overall 18 ft
  • Draft 8.7 ft
  • Sail Area 2322 sq.ft

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