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Kraken Yachts recently proved its credentials in the luxury sailing yacht market when the flagship of its range – the Kraken 66 – won the coveted 2017 Sailing Today award for the ‘Best Blue Water cruiser.’ The Kraken 50 follows in her wake by being nominated for the Best Bluewater Cruiser of 2018 in the British Yachting Awards.​

Like all Kraken yachts and in addition to the trademarked ZERO keel, the Kraken 50 is constructed with a full-length, reinforced skeg that is also an integral part of the hull moulding. This is an essential feature for world cruising yachts, protecting the rudder against an increasing number of dangerous UFOs (unidentified floating objects) such as shipping containers, that litter the world’s oceans and protecting the rudder during grounding. Very few modern 50 ft yachts have skegs and their rudders are therefore unprotected – in the event of collision or rudder grounding, dire consequences can result.

​Designed and equipped for blue water cruising, the Kraken 50 is easily managed by short-handed crew. The versatile sail plan with a twin headsail/Solent rig option ensures excellent performance in all weather conditions and points of sail. Sail controls are easily managed from the protected and secure centre cockpit. Electric winches and furlers are available as options to assist her crew.

​The Kraken 50 is ideal for those who want to enjoy blue water sailing with the confidence of being able to control the boat in all conditions.

​The Kraken 50 demonstrates numerous features usually associated with larger yachts; machinery spaces with easy accessibility for maintenance, high quality material finishes, interior cabinetry using selected timbers, practical storage solutions throughout, domestic appliance options for home comforts whilst at sea, superior visibility from cockpit and saloon and ergonomic arrangements ensure maximum safety and comfort at all times.

​The interior of the Kraken 50 features a forward facing chart table that is raised to provide excellent visibility whilst using navigation electronics or paper charts. Additional autopilot controls are also located here to allow the boat to be steered if necessary. The fully protected ‘watch station / navigation table’ is located close to the centre of the boat in the spacious saloon and provides panoramic views from the comfortable seat. Her crew can keep watch from below decks in the dry and warmth if the weather turns nasty. The Kraken 58 and 66 models also incorporate this valuable feature.

The Kraken 50 does not set out to be all things to all people. Instead it is designed and built for blue water cruising in comfort. It therefore incorporates features that afford maximum safety, comfort and easy handling under sail or power to owners looking for a luxury sailing yacht to take them on extended voyages. All Kraken yachts are built incorporating fundamental features required for crossing oceans. Safety and comfort of crew by proven design and construction methods in a yacht that is built to be easily sailed and maintained in remote locations is the mainstay philosophy used in every yacht we build.


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