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Yacht Systems Engineer

About the Job

Kraken Yachts is a dynamically developing company in the luxury blue water cruising sector. Our clients come from all around the world for the quality and attention to detail we offer. As we are opening a branch in Poland, we are looking to expand our design team to take on new challenges.

As a Yacht Systems Engineer you will focus on designing the full suite of systems onboard Krakens and working with Specialists on more complex installations like electrical or hydraulic. Your focus will be on all systems, equipment choices and their installation. As well as custom parts design.

The position is within the design office, reporting to the head of design but strong organizational skills are required as you will be working on projects from concept to completion.

While this is an office based position, you will be required to support the production department while producing and installing your designs as well as coordinating with the subcontractors and equipment manufacturers to achieve the best result.


● Creating 3D models
● Creating 2D drawings
● Creating parts lists
● Working on the following but not limited to:
○ Plumbing systems
○ Stern gear systems
○ Steering systems
○ Propulsion systems
○ HVAC systems
○ Electrical systems
○ Hydraulic systems
○ Equipment layouts
○ Custom parts design


● Fluent in English
● Proficiency in Solidworks
● Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
● At least 3 years of experience working on yacht designs
● Production experience is beneficial
● Familiar with yacht systems and their specific requirements

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  • Length Overall 44 ft
  • Beam Overall 12.54 ft
  • Draft 6.58 ft
  • Sail Area 1099.5 sq.ft
  • Length Overall 50 ft
  • Beam Overall 14.76 ft
  • Draft 7.54 ft
  • Sail Area 1444.52 sq.ft
  • Length Overall 58 ft
  • Beam Overall 17.06 ft
  • Draft 7.54 ft
  • Sail Area 1946.54 sq.ft
  • Length Overall 66 ft
  • Beam Overall 18 ft
  • Draft 8.7 ft
  • Sail Area 2322 sq.ft

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