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On Watch – The latest from the Ocean Sailor Podcast

It’s not just been an incredible year at Kraken. Ocean Sailor and the Ocean Sailor Podcast have seen a huge increase in subscriber numbers and we thank you all for joining us and supporting us on this journey. 

As we very quickly bypass the 30,000 download milestone, we thought we would share an update on recent releases from the Ocean Sailor Podcast and whats coming up.

Episode 11 and 12 – What makes a true blue water yacht with Sailing Millennial Falcon

This two part discussion with Adam and Khiara was a fascinating dive into what to look for in a blue water cruiser. We also discuss old designs and how the industry has changed since Dick built his first yacht in 1979.

Adam and Khiara are excellent ambassadors for the blue water cruising community, providing first hand knowledge and experience of ocean passage making and the pitfalls new cruisers can fall into. Check out their excellent sailing channel, click here, and also the series of videos they made during their visit aboard the Kraken 50, ‘Sofia Marie’, Click Here.

Episode 13 and 14 – Psychology of the Sea with Brian Trautman of SV Delos

The two Dicks are joined by Brian Trautman of SV Delos, a hugely inspirational figure for many cruising sailors who either discovered a love for cruising or was inspired to cast off the lines themselves through their excellent YouTube channel following their voyages. Brian has had over 50 crew pass his decks and we discuss some of the highs and lows of bringing on new crews whilst discussing the challenges of the captains chair. Part 1 is out now, part 2 will be coming soon.

SV Delos started sailing as far back as 2008 and what began as a few basic videos for family to follow the voyage now sees their channel have over 770,000 subscribers experiencing their exciting and well edited episodes. Packed full of useful information and binge-worthy watching, we highly recommend you to go and like, subscribe and enjoy this excellent sailing channel.

We have many guests lined up for Ocean Sailor podcast and we look forward to sharing more information with you over the coming weeks. To listen to the Ocean Sailor Podcast, please subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Podbean and finally the podcast is available on the Ocean Sailor YouTube channel

If you have any questions for the two Dicks, contact them at 



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