Why our luxury sailing yachts have skeg hung rudders

In the old days, the rudder on a typical blue water cruiser was hung on the back of a long keel. Indeed the occasional retro-design still has this feature. Then in the ‘60s leading yacht designers such as Sparkman & Stephens moved to fin keels and hung the rudder on a skeg. This became the […]

Why do Kraken Yachts use lead for ballast?

In the pursuit of safety at sea, Kraken is including many important and expensive features as standard in its new range of blue water cruisers; and all within its competitive standard prices. One of our major (and costly) decisions has been to use lead – not cast iron – for the Kraken 50 ft yacht’s ballast.  As many boat […]

The Dragon Roars

Kraken k66 Yacht

As we set sail for Hong Kong, it soon became clear that we had created what we had hoped for – a wonderful ocean cruising yacht.  Under full sail and with a breeze of 10 – 12 knots at 60 deg of apparent wind, White Dragon heeled slightly as her speed quickly picked up to 7-8 knots. Then […]

Top Quality Sails…Sensible As Standard

kraken yacht

The quality and cut of the sails play a major part in any yacht’s performance; whether racing or cruising. But sadly many modern production yachts come with standard, low-cost sails that neither last nor hold their optimum shape for long. It’s a classic case of ‘spoiling the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar.’ Kraken chairman […]

A Sensible Sail Plan and a twin foresail rig with Kraken luxury sailing yachts

Kraken k66 Yacht

Each Kraken yacht’s twin foresail rig – comprising 100% fore-triangle jib and overlapping genoa – gives maximum flexibility for top performance. Combined with our high aspect-ratio rigs and easy to operate sail reefing systems, sailing in light and heavy conditions alike is much easier thanks to the ease of setting the right sail area for […]

The First Kraken 50 ft Sailing Yacht Ordered

Kraken k66 Yacht

Following the launch of the first Kraken 66 White Dragon, the Kraken 50 is now entering production. This outstanding 50ft blue water cruiser  – which is the first Kraken to feature our unique fully encapsulated and intergral Zero Keel – brings further comfort, safety and style to this sector of the market. ​The first Kraken 50 has been […]