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A Sensible Sail Plan and a twin foresail rig with Kraken luxury sailing yachts

Each Kraken yacht’s twin foresail rig – comprising 100% fore-triangle jib and overlapping genoa – gives maximum flexibility for top performance. Combined with our high aspect-ratio rigs and easy to operate sail reefing systems, sailing in light and heavy conditions alike is much easier thanks to the ease of setting the right sail area for the weather conditions. 


Upwind sailing is more efficient with a sail that is sheeted closer to the centreline than is possible with most genoa tracks. 100% fore-triangle jibs provide the best balance and drive upwind. Wind angle achieved when beating to windward is markedly improved with jib tracks mounted on the coachroof. As the wind increases this jib can be reefed.


Winds from astern and dead downwind sailing are commonplace when surging down the Trade Winds or making long passages. Kraken Yachts’ twin headsail rig means the jib and genoa can be set on opposite sides of the boat, giving a large and balanced sail plan to power downwind. 


Some sailors like a conventional symmetrical spinnaker but we prefer the simplicity and efficiency of ‘code’ or asymmetric sails. Their ease of handling and versatility across a wide range of wind angles make them popular with most blue water sailors; more so than ‘Cruising chutes’, ‘gennakers’, ‘multi-purpose spinnakers’ (MPS), ‘drifters’ or ‘screechers’. But we are of course happy to supply whatever sails you may want with your new Kraken.


​Conditions change quickly. So our clients need to know that their sails can be handled with ease. Kraken will supply and fit powered winches or power furlers (or both) to ensure maximum and easy control. 

Many long distance blue water sailors and coastal cruisers also like twin headsail rigs. ‘Twizzle’ style setups are especially popular for downwind sailing. Kraken aims to make our yachts rewarding to sail by reducing the complexity and maximising the ease of use. Our team of experienced blue water sailors is always on hand to discuss the options then supply your ideal sail wardrobe.

​Beating upwind with a 100% jib is trouble-free and a quick tack takes seconds to complete; without the possibility of the sail catching on the rigging. Boat speed is maintained and the yacht continues to sail at a higher than average wind angle as speed is carried through the tack. 

​Increased sail area and maximised stability create a yacht that is responsive in light airs while providing drive and easy control as the wind increases. A Kraken’s coachroof-mounted jib tracks give improved upwind performance while bulwark-mounted genoa tracks give clear decks and reduce clutter. 


Overlapping genoas come into their own when the wind is on the beam. When dropping off a beat and going on a reach, the genoa can be unfurled; even with the jib still set inside. When the genoa is fully unfurled, the jib can then be furled away. Boat speed will increase as the larger sail area and optimised shape of the genoa give extra drive.

Mainsail and genoa are used for lighter winds and smooth seas when maximum sail area is required and the wind is abeam or on the quarter. The switch from genoa to jib when sea state does not allow the larger sail to retain its shape is also effective. A mast-mounted spinnaker pole can boom out the genoa to prevent the sail collapsing when boat movement back-fills the sail.

​Kraken Yachts also offers an optional bowsprit/prodder to be installed on the bow roller to support the tack of a code or asymmetric sail. When combined with a continuous furler, the sail can be handled from the cockpit with minimal crew. This system boosts performance and is easy to use. It rounds off the sail options Kraken Yachts recommends, giving you complete versatility on all points of sail. 



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